Wedding planning has been pretty fun so far. I won't lie though, there have been some major tears shed and we're only three months in... OH BOY.  I was never the girl who planned or even thought about her wedding so essentially I'm starting from scratch, but thanks to Pinterest and countless other wedding blogs I've quickly discovered that the inner bridezilla is in there somewhere.  It's hard and absolutely overwhelming to envision and perfectly execute what in my mind will be the best day ever.

I love exploring all the different wedding sites for ideas but after a while it's easy to get cross-eyed from too much visual stimulus.  After a few months of research I've decided that my vision goes something like this... the dress: lace with a modern vintage feel, ceremony: whimsical & romantic accompanied by music that will bring a tear to the driest eye, and finally the reception: an elegant, romantic backyard dinner party with lots of personal touches and tons of dancing... well that's at least what I told my wedding planner.  I dream big folks.  Hopefully by starting the planning process well in advance I can tame the beast and become more of a "bridechilla".  Oh and you may be wondering where is Derek in all of this? He gladly let go of the reins and told me to do whatever makes me happy :D that is why I am marrying this dude.  He already understands the motto "happy wife, happy life" oh and not to forget I'm marrying him because of this too.  I'll share more of my wedding inspiration once I get it down to a more digestible form (it's way too crazy and disorganized right now). Have a fantastic weekend!



Good People

 There was lots of goodness this weekend...
Sister came to visit and help with the wedding planning.  A visit from Mandi is not complete without a mani-pedi and indulging in good food and retail  (you can read more about it here). 

But wait, there's more... our friends Mabel & Marco threw D & I the most AHHHmazing engagement party.  It was the sweetest little celebration with our close circle of dear friends here in the bay. We laughed and cried into the wee hours of the night as we played naughty games and rehashed old memories.  
I can't help but feel so loved and grateful for all the good people in my life.  You guys seriously make my life rock!
*sorry for the horrible pictures- iphone +bad lighting= no bueno. More pictures to come after I steal them from my sister :D


Hello March

Oh wow, times a flyin this year.  Is it just me or was Christmas just a couple days ago?  I barely blinked and March is here.  Lots of exciting things have been happening around here and I've been busy taking it all in.

D and I got engaged a day before New Year's Eve in front of my entire extended family. Yep, the guy has some cajones.  It was so cute to watch him shake and nervously deliver the sweet speech he probably practiced a million and one times.  All of us were in tears when it was over, and it took almost a week before it finally sunk in.  So yes, in short we are getting MARRIED!

I am so incredibly happy to be marrying my best buddy, the most generous, loyal, and sweet man I know.  There is so much joy in my heart and I am stoked to be entering another exciting chapter of our lives.

Needless to say the wedding planning hooplah has already commenced and I will try my best to document my progress here.  My sister  (maid of honor) and I have also started a blog dedicated to our upcoming adventures and wedding planning details.  There's nothing there yet, but be sure to visit next week.  Check it out here.


Dear Santa

I think I've been a pretty good girl this year and would really love to capture next year's memories and adventures with this sweet little baby :D

Canon Rebel T3i

and as a further incentive i'll leave some milk and cookies for you too. People have told me that I make a pretty mean cookie... no seriously I do.



Just treated myself to a pair of black suede wedge booties after the world's worst parent meeting.  I may be a young therapist, but that's no excuse for anyone to talk down to me or blame me for their child's problems. GAH.  After clicking "BUY NOW" I suddenly feel so much better. Retail therapy works people!

ps. Pretty Mommy is offering 20% off when you "LIKE" them on Facebook


Bittersweet October

October is a sad month for me and has been for the past four years.  Learning how to accept that my mom is not here anymore is downright awful.  There are times where I have some random question about cooking or life and I instinctively grab my phone to call and ask for her advice only to realize that I can't.  It is quite possibly the worst feeling ever. Oh mom, I miss you so much it hurts.

Last Sunday I ran the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon in her honor.  She would probably find it pretty comical  because of all the excuses I asked her to write for me in middle school so I could avoid running a mile during P.E. in the scorching Texas sun.  I think she vouched that I had my period for like a year straight.  Just another reason why she was the BEST.

Love you mom, & miss you like crazy.    


The Russian River

Last weekend was spent celebrating my dear friend Travis's big 4-0 on the Russian River (not the one in Russia, the other one in California).  This was my first time visiting and it didn't let me down.  Found some great little boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, and bakeries.  Too bad we didn't stay longer.  By the end of the weekend I had to literally drag my stomach off the floor.  I forgot my camera but Instagram saved the day!  Here were some of my favorites:

Moustache Baked Goods - get the homemade oreo
Boon- macaroni and cheese
Arboretum - micro succulents and unique jewelry
Costeaux- french bistro with the BEST princess cake
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