Hello March

Oh wow, times a flyin this year.  Is it just me or was Christmas just a couple days ago?  I barely blinked and March is here.  Lots of exciting things have been happening around here and I've been busy taking it all in.

D and I got engaged a day before New Year's Eve in front of my entire extended family. Yep, the guy has some cajones.  It was so cute to watch him shake and nervously deliver the sweet speech he probably practiced a million and one times.  All of us were in tears when it was over, and it took almost a week before it finally sunk in.  So yes, in short we are getting MARRIED!

I am so incredibly happy to be marrying my best buddy, the most generous, loyal, and sweet man I know.  There is so much joy in my heart and I am stoked to be entering another exciting chapter of our lives.

Needless to say the wedding planning hooplah has already commenced and I will try my best to document my progress here.  My sister  (maid of honor) and I have also started a blog dedicated to our upcoming adventures and wedding planning details.  There's nothing there yet, but be sure to visit next week.  Check it out here.

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