Blog Challenge- Day 4

Day 4: Your favorite photo of your best friend---

Our first photo together ever. Looks like I'm not sure how I feel about her yet

Mandi during our San Francisco food crawl this past weekend (more pictures to come in next post).

We always end up with Angelina Jolie-esqe lips after grubbing on extra spicy crawfish

I've really been looking forward to this post because because it gives me a chance to brag about my kid sister. She's the best in the west- the kind of sister who will drive 500 miles just to make sure you're okay and buy you nice things just because she thinks it will look good on you. I can tell her anything without feeling judged but loved and understood instead. I really can't imagine life without her. She really is my best friend.


  1. awwww cute pics! I wish I had a sis like her or you! lucky girls :)

  2. Very cute post. You are so sweet. Both of you look so beautiful.



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