Missy and Mandi's San Francisco Food Crawl

lunch @ american grilled cheese kitchen - can't go wrong with their mushroom special

their mac and cheese was ahhmazzingg

next stop: Dynamo Donuts in the mission

i get to be chauffeured around thanks to my bummed leg
Mission Beach Cafe Epic Brunch
melt in your mouth pancakes. We were sorry for only order one. Should've known better tsk tsk
mushroom truffle eggs benny
short rib hash- it was melt in your mouth yumminess. ORDER THIS
Beautiful day in the neighborhood. Can't wait to move here soon.
Anthony's Cookies for dessert
We tried everything under the sun, but the definite winner is the cookies and cream ! it's like a chocolate chip cookie/ Oreo hybrid.

My sister came out to visit me this past weekend and we made sure to do the the three things we do best:

1. Eat
2. Shop
3. Repeat

We spent two days exploring the city and discovering all the culinary goodness it has to offer. Our ultimate goal is to move there as soon as possible so we can do this every weekend. We dream of the day when we will both be able meet at the corner cafe after work and walk to the nearest happy hour for drinks. I feel like there have been a lot of road blocks this year that have made the move to sf far from reach, but it makes me that much more determined to make it reality. I'm not going to let anything get in my way.


  1. Oh my gosh...that sounds like the perfect weekend! And that food looks gorgeous...I've literally just eaten lunch, and those pics are making my mouth water all over again! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. You just made me SO hungry - those pancakes look absolutely incredible. I wish my city had such good places to crawl over for food (that sounds weird lol). And your outfit is very chic, I like it a lot :)

  3. living in the city is great! especially with all these awesome food places around the area. :)

    you & your sister are so cute! i wish i had one... :( anyhow, wishing you the best in reaching your goal! we'll be living in the same city if you do move to sf! totally should meet up sometimes, girl!


  4. do you know how difficult it is to read this post when you're on a wedding diet? *sigh* hahaha! I love mac and cheese and that one up there looks delicious... and i'm pretty sure that eggs benny is the most amazing one i've seen. Not your typical diner style benny, for sure. *mMmmMMmm*

  5. ohhh i LOVE your CITY... i love your amazing blog!!! and your photographs of really pretty looking food is making me sooo super hungry...

    anyways i would love to follow your blog and was wondering if you like my blog may be we could follow each other?

    tata xoxoxo


  6. Wow this looks YUMMY! I heart SF. One of my favoritest cities. =) Also, you two look amazing and so pretty.. and happy! =)


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