Blog Challenge- Day 3

Day 3: Your favorite store

If you're talking about retail, then Nordy's is my hands down favorite. I've been known to go a little overboard during their infamous half-yearly and anniversary sales especially when left unattended. Who can resist their high quality merchandise, top-notch customer service, and not to mention amazing "no questions asked" return policy- if you're not satisfied, bring that sucker back. You can tell how much I shop at Nordstrom by the looks of my battered credit card. I think there used to be a picture on there but it rubbed off after all the swiping. Oops!


  1. haha love the battered card :) I never shop at Nordstroms (there isn't one within a reasonable driving distance), but I have my weaknesses for plenty of other stores! Happy Wednesday!

  2. ahh that is such a cute wallet, may i ask what it is?


  3. I wish there were Nordstroms in Canada....sigh

  4. Great store!


  5. Booooo! If only we had Nordstrom here!!! Thankfully, the U.S border is only an hour away... and maybe that's a good thing, otherwise my credit card would be battered and bruised as well. Haha!

  6. HAHAHA. looove how your card looks... it's so funny because i still only have a temporary one since they keep losing mine (more than twice, wtheck right?)

    i LOVE nordy's... one of my favorite places to shop as well. i think we'd do damage if we ever go shopping together. lol

    so glad you found my blog bc i love yours! we have so much in common! :)



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