Blog Challege Day 2

Day 2: A photo of something you ate today--

There's nothing better than a little frozen yogurt to beat the Bay Area heat wave. Let me tell you, after craving it all day, it totally hit the spot.

I have four little furry babies in my care this weekend. Don't worry I haven't become a deranged animal hoarder, just a good doggy aunt. I love how the world stops when I pull out a piece of bacon. Melts my heart.


  1. The Yogurt seems mouth-watering...

  2. Ok to the first pic, YUMMY
    To the second...AWWWW

  3. AHHH that frozen yogurt looks amazing! The last time I had frozen yogurt was in August in Vancouver and we loaded up my niece's cup before realizing you pay by weight. So mine was pretty teeny tiny but still yummy (that sentence sounds like it was written by a 12-year old lol).

    And those doggies are ADORABLE. You are definitely a good doggy aunt.

  4. Definitely a great auntie! Thank you for taking care of my little one. Miss you tons girlie and hope recovery is going well. Karla xo

  5. wow! looks yummy :) i like yr blog header :D



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