Blog Challenge Day 1

Day 1: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Derby wouldn't stop licking my arm while I took these. Couldn't stop laughing

My day started out a little rough after waking up to an awful dream. I've been having really weird ones lately, like the ones where you're trying to run away from circus clowns and suddenly your legs stop working in mid-stride. If you know me, you know that I hate being chased and am also totally weirded out by clowns. So needless to say last night's dream was basically my worst nightmare. Now that I'm awake everything is better. It was a GORGEOUS day outside. The depressing weather is finally gone and the sunshine is here to stay. I passed the day lounging on the couch scouring the interwebs for new recipes, clothes I cannot afford, and future vacation destinations while listening to trashy reality shows in the background. There's nothing like spending a nice, quiet, lazy day alongside my two favorite furry sidekicks. Being homebound can be incredibly boring, but I know that I will miss days like these when things are back to "normal" i.e. crazy work weeks with no time for anything lol.

how was your day?

//questions? ask away here//


  1. Yes, enjoy it while you can! I'm homebound too but still don't have time to do anything because my little man keeps me busy...so it's never actually boring for me but I am missing the adult interactions...

  2. ahh your day sounds so much nicer than mine. i love a day at home lounging. it really was gorgeous and warm out though!

    i tend to have more dreams when i'm too hot in bed, maybe try some cooler blankets?

    cute smile btw =)


  3. EEeeek! I hate clowns. and I also get really TWISTED dreams... like with scenes you would see from a really twisted foreign horror movie. -_- It usually happens though when i'm REALLY warm when I sleep (too many blankets, thick socks on, etc)... could that be why?

  4. same here, i hate weird dreams, esp ones that someone is chasing you and then you are falling suddenly out of nowhere, hehe.

    anyway, looks like you are enjoying your lazy say of lounging. have fun relaxing! :)


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