Eating Well- Morimoto Napa

Hi guys- Sorry for being MIA lately. I've unfortunately had a number of complications with my injury since the last post, and long story short- have been relegated to staying at home or shuffling to doctor's appointments. No fun at all. Thank goodness for my sweet friends who have graciously taken me out to lunch or on afternoon shopping trips. Without them, my days basically look like a standard couch potato's (and trust me it's nothing worth blogging about).

Anyways, sorry about all the complaining. I'm just looking forward to getting better soon.

This weekend was an absolute dream. I ate and drank like a queen around San Francisco and later ended my eating spree in Napa at the one and only Iron Chef Morimoto's. This place did not disappoint and is surely worth sharing about. The words fresh and innovative come to mind when I think about their amazing spread. During my visit I discovered a new found love for uni (sea urchin) and am pretty sure that donuts are my favorite food- which explains why I crave them on almost a daily basis. If you are ever in town and love Japanese food, I strongly urge you to try Morimoto Napa. You won't be disappointed. Cross my heart.





1 of 3 sake carafes- I think they called it a tour of Sakes
Sushi like buttah

Rock shrimp tempura


Black Cod goodness


this "bento box" was LEGIT

oh so fresh

Uni Carbonara... I die

I heart uni
My friend Shifali and I getting our drink on


Best way to end a meal: Coffee and...

Donuts! Fluffy melt in your mouth goodness

Donut dipping sauces
As if we needed more drinks

The Iron Chef was missing in action, but hopefully I can meet him one of these days.


  1. the food looks amazing! ill definitely be adding this to my list.

    wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. Oh my! Looks fantastic! I am drooling all over the keyboard. Making a mental note for when I'm up there next!

  3. You just made me SO hungry, that food looks delicious. And mmm, coffee. Definitely hope you'll feel better soon & make a quick recovery!

  4. You are so pretty! Your hair looks gorgeous in the couple photos of you and I love that floral top.

    That food looks delicious - especially that donut! Those are some of my favorites and since I just woke up, I can't wait to have some coffee after seeing those photos. It looks like you had a great time!

    I'm sorry recovery seems to be taking a while. Thank goodness for good friends! Hoping you're feeling all better soon!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. YUM, everything looks incredible- especially the donuts!!! What a great meal!

  6. ZOMG this place looks YUM! And it's not TOO far from where I am at... totally heading in that direction some time this month! =D

  7. oh. my. WOW. Bf and i love everything japanese so i'm sure we would both really appreciate this place!!! Adding it on to my list of places to eat at. *YUM!* also, i'm not sure about all the details of your injury but i hope you get better soon!

  8. Re: your comment... i've been to many asian massage places where that is totally normal! Their phone is on ring (not even vibrate!) and they'll totally just pick up the phone in the middle of your session and talk away. haha!


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