30 day blog challenge

Hi, my name is Missy and I've been a (really) bad blogger. Lately, I've been lacking motivation to blog mainly because my life has been primarily centered around my couch, dvr, and netflix account since my not so fun injury. So boring! Who would want to read about that?

Soooo... I figured it would be appropriate to participate in a 30 day blog challenge that has been circling the blogosphere to help jumpstart my blog and keep me accountable.


Since I have all this extra time on my hands I finally decided to formally open my formspring too. I signed up for it ages ago, but wasn't sure if anyone would even want to ask me questions in the first place. I love reading other bloggers' formsprings. It is such great little tool to get to know your favorite bloggers and ask questions you've been dying to know like: "hey where did you get that dress?", "what moisturizer do you use?", "where is the best place to get donuts in San Francisco?" , etc. etc. After much contemplation I thought, what the hell, it'll be entertaining and keep me busy.

Help curb my boredom and Ask Away here: http://www.formspring.me/Mahleezah

Day One of the blog challenge starts tomorrow. Wish me luck =)


  1. ahh this is too cute and exciting, thanks for sharing. i'm new to this whole blogging world and this sounds fun.

    i live in the bay area myself! actually a native of SF. =)


  2. Good luck with your blog challenge! Sounds like fun...maybe I will participate too..we'll see. lol. I hope you fully recover from your injury soon. :)

  3. Hello fellow hoarder. hahaha! jk :P I'm excited for your 30 day blog challenge... I did one last year, although i think i only got up to Day 18. =/


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