Pass me the coffee please

The next several days are going to be pretty interesting... "interesting" meaning I will need a personal caffeine IV to stay awake. Just when I thought I was going to fly through the home stretch to graduation, several deadlines suddenly fall on the same date (which I admit was some poor planning on my part because I was too busy enjoying the high from completing my thesis). So now what? I guess I'll just have to end my educational career with a sleep-deprived bang. I smell lots of 12 hour days and late nights in my future. Thank goodness I can count on my best friend in the world, Mr. Coffee who has stood by my side all these years, and has yet to ever let me down. I salute you!


  1. Ahhh coffee...life sustenance for the college student XD Congrats on almost reaching the end, Melissa! :D

  2. i'm totally pulling a late nighter tonight! i was soo busy at work all day, then i had errands and now i am catching up on blog posts, gahh!! good luck getting your stuff done and hope you get some sleep!

  3. oopss! Good luck my dear...we are almost there and if you need some yummy fresh hazelnut coffee, just knock my door!


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