Earth Friendly Cupcakes

{earth- friendly red velvet cupcakes baked in silicon cups sans the traditional paper liners}

I baked a ton of goodies this past week as graduation gifts for my kiddos. It was sweet watching them enjoy them as we commemorated all that had been accomplished during our time together. The red velvet cupcakes were especially amusing because the kids were so confused as to what flavor they were. Some were convinced that they were strawberry, some were mystified, and others could care less (they were just happy to be ingesting sugar). Nonetheless, I'm really going to miss them, but I'm glad I got to work with them and share two of the things I'm passionate about :1. making a difference 2. baking =)


  1. What a SWEET gesture! I'm sure those kiddies love you!

  2. Your kidos must be so happy to have those cupcakes. They look yummy!


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