Eating Out Around the Bay

{oh, I love eating. I fear the day my metabolism starts slowing down}

Thanks to Yelp, I found another good Korean Barbeque place to help me gain some extra junk in my trunk.
Jang Su Jang was delicious. The colossal dumplings, spicy tofu soup, tender and flavorful Kalbi, delightfully crispy seafood pancake, and unlimited side dishes were the perfect way to celebrate the end of a hectic work week. I give this place extra brownie points too because I didn't leave smelling like a greasy bbq pit. Good food and no greasy smell is enough to keep me coming back again and again!


  1. Yelp is my savior too if I need to know if a restaurant is good. I've discovered a lot of hole-in-the-wall types of restaurants with fabulous food. I love Korean food. Where is this located?

  2. Yum! This food looks great!


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