Lovely little Hostesses

{Oh hello there, we're Melissa and Mabel, your hostesses for the night}

{Derek showed up at the apartment looking like this. We had no idea who he was }

{With the beautiful birthday girl Kjersti! We love you :) }

{our girly-halloween themed tabletop decor}

{d doubled as the dog whisperer that night}

{creepy jello shooters- the party favorite}

{Alaina the school teacher. I bet every teenage boy would kill to be in her class!}

{the cowgirl and gorilla share a kiss}
{now the mullet man steals a kiss from me as I squirm away from his mustache}
{the SCU girls}
{the lovelies posing with the birthday girl}
{apparently gorillas like to party too!}
{the cake we made for kj}
{so sweeeet!}

Mabel and I added event planning to our resumes this weekend as we hosted a birthday soiree for our dear friend Kjersti! We had so much fun planning and prepping for this special occasion, and can't wait for another excuse to host a party! Happy birthday Kjersti! Here's to a great year! You deserve it =)


  1. it looks like you guys had a blast! i loved all the costumes, too cute :) and you're pictures are amazing! stopping by from SITS to say hi! come on by anytime! have a fab monday...

  2. Looks like a great party and the cake is gorgeous!

  3. Popped in from SITS! What fun costumes!

  4. Looks like a GREAT party!!

    Omg I must know how you give your photos that old timey look??? PLEASE share!

    Found you from SITS.


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