2009 Bridge School Benefit Concert

{bridge school 2009 marquee}
{look at the packed house}
{enjoyin the music}
{the SCU girls}
{d and julian taking a cat nap}
{my comedic idol Mr. Adam Sandler, believe it or not he put on a pretty good show}
{chris martin of coldplay. I wish he could sing me to sleep every night. He put on such an amazing show. Check out his performance of the classic "earth angel" here}
{the fabulous Gwen and No Doubt. I've been in love with her since '95 and things haven't changed since then.}
{mabel and alaina cuddling without me}
{trying to stay warm by wearing my cat beanie and hugging derek tight}

This year we gathered a handful of friends to attend the Bridge School Benefit concert. The ten of us spent a gorgeous day supporting an important cause and jammin to great music. What I love about this concert is the casualness of it all. Even the biggest stars came dressed down and performed with such graciousness, brushing off their celebrity status to focus on the cause at heart. You can count on me being in attendance for many years to come =)


  1. this concert looked like fun! and casual! wish we'd have some of those in here to! anyway..

    Happy Tuesday!

    * if you're in for random, just drop by!

  2. Cute pics! Looks like you had alot of fun.
    dropping by from sits.

  3. that looks like so much fun!!! i would love to go to something like that!


  4. I'm so jealous you got to see Chris Martin. Looks like an amazing concert! As far as moving, hoping for the Bay Area still. We'll see if the arrows end up pointing that way!

  5. ohh it looks so fun. i love your cat hat :)


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