Happy Howl-o-ween

{aren't they the cutest insects you've ever seen?}
{derby bug}
{burger sticking his tongue out at me. What a cutie!}

Last year we dressed the dogs up as sweet little bumble bees for halloween. The costumes didn't stay on for more than half an hour, so while they were in a picture taking mood, I snapped all the photos I could before they began to unravel. Thanks to the economy, Burger and Derby will probably do an encore of their bumble bee alter egos, but I don't think they mind. I bet they are praying I forget about them all together haha.

The weekend has loads of fun in store for us. Festive celebrations and music festivals galore! Tell you more about it on Monday ;)


  1. awww...how cute!
    coach hates when we put clothes on her.
    she always finds some way to rip it off.

  2. Though your dogs look adorable (and make me want one of my own), I have to say that they look a little disgruntled.

  3. Yay, Animals in costumes!!!!

    Found you on SITs and I'm now following. I'm at http://thesuburbanjungle.blogspot.com

  4. Wow bumble bee dogs. Creative dressing. It can be fun to involve pets in the family to get dressed and join the festive mood.

    Found you on SITS and am glad I did. You've got a fantastic blog, would love to drop by often.


  5. Stopping by from SITS to say hi! Glad I did... I dressed my dog up as a bee too!!! Go check it out:


    I'm glad I am not the only one who dressed my dog up for halloween! :)


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