Home is where the heart is

{our red brick house}

{the backyard fountain designed by my mother}
{entrance to the kitchen. Mom would write the day's menu on this board. I miss her cooking and the way she used to sing along to " The Carpenters" while she worked her magic in there.}
{Lucy bear, Burger's sister and the lady of the house}
{the red brick pathway to the garden}
{the patio area. perfect for sitting down and enjoying a cup of joe (if the weather is under the usual sweltering 95 degrees that is)}
{deep in the Heart of Texas}
{vintage wrought iron bicycle/flower holder}

Last night I came across these photos I took last year of my childhood home in Sugar Land, Texas. Yes, Sugar Land is a real city and is just as whimsical as it sounds. It is a place where kids can still go outside and play till dusk and neighbors borrow eggs and sugar. Our family is so blessed to have been surrounded by such wonderful people who have become some of our closest friends. This house holds so many of my fondest memories (especially of my mom), and is something I hope to keep in the family forever.


  1. What a beautiful house. Love the fountain too. I'm so happy you're living the life Dreams are made of. That's what it's all about! :-)
    Steph (SITS)

  2. I love the pictures! and i love love love red brick houses:)

    Visiting from SITS! Happy Thursday!

    oh and also I'm having my first giveaway! if you're interested, just stop by :)

  3. What a beautiful place! I could just sit in that garden for hours despite the sweltering heat. I love the little elements of Texas pride too!


  4. Lovely place! I like the chalkboard for writing the day's meals.
    Stopped by from SITS.

  5. Burger has a sister? How cute! Such a gorgeous red brick house! I'm totally digging the awesome job you're doing with your photos!

  6. What a gorgeous house! I know all about growing up on the South and the things southerners do. Looks like you have amazing memories.

    Stopping by from SITS.


  7. that house is like a dream!...well my dreams :)


  8. wow, some of those pictures remind me of something out of the secret garden! i can imagine it was a magical place to grow up!



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