My furry babies

I wanted to properly introduce the blogger world to my furry children, Derby and Burger. They are the loves of my life and the reason I get up in the morning (haha... both literally and figuratively cuz I have to walk them).

Derby, the teacup maltese, is a 4 lb. brainiac, who will someday takeover the world. He's quick on his feet, and is the boss of the house. You are most likely to find him judging you from a far, but not to worry, he keeps his thoughts to himself so he won't hurt your feelings. He loves to cuddle and give you unsolicited kisses all day long.

Burger, our sweet Westie, is the life of the party. He's definitely a canine Romeo, and even has a steady girlfriend, the lovely Cinnamon. He loves to love, and goes out of his way to show you everyday. If you don't have a treat for him, Burger will gladly take a massage in its place any day.

I love them so much, and am so proud to be their mommy =)

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