City girl at heart

{kimvi, our gracious host in her new adorable kitchen}
{love the victorian era painted ladies in alamo square- image via flickr}
{ don't you just love how the light in san francisco hits everything just right? I would kill for that considering the fact I live in a bat cave at the moment}
{charming little spaces}

{images via apartment therapy san francisco}

After attending a friend's housewarming in San Francisco last week, I couldn't help but feel envious of her adorable little place in the the heart of the Marina district. It really got me thinking about the possibility of relocating to the city after graduation (if the opportunity arises that is). Just thinking about it makes me all giddy. I've always felt like I belonged in the city. It's in my blood (my dad was a New Yorker), and is something I've dreamt of since I was a little girl. The lights, the shopping, the architecture, the food, etc... all right at your doorstep. The burbs have been my home for my entire life, and I think I'm ready to leave that comfort zone and start a new chapter (while I'm still young and free). I'm trying really hard not to get too crazy thinking about it (but it may be too late, since I've been checking craigslist rental postings a kajillion times a day) If we do end up moving, I will have to do some major consolidation of my things because of my slight shopping problem and tendency to hoard anything and everything :x

Can't wait to see where life takes us. I'm praying that it lands us in SF ;)


  1. I love your blog, you have such gorgeous pictures!

  2. Let's pray together, I want to live there so badly!


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