Our Sweet Sunday Morning

Sundays mean taking time to enjoy and appreciate the little things...

{it started out with derby and burger inviting a new little friend over. I think they are in love}

{ We dusted off our bikes and rode to the campbell farmer's market to pick up some goodies and partake in our sunday morning brunch tradition. Here, d is trying to convince me that he found a really good donut. I don't believe him though cuz dahlia bakery's donuts are still my number one }

{colorful heirloom tomatoes}

{these dahlias reminded me of seattle}

{yuumm! buttery squash for homemade soup}

{got me some of these babies to make this bruschetta}

{organic strawberries to complement the orange chiffon cake I made this weekend}

{brunch at Stacks, the town favorite. I had the crab benedict, but d's was so much better. We inhaled it before we could take a picture}

{back from our adventure. Here I am with my bike and goodies in tow. Please excuse my crazy bike hair. I'm convinced that you can't be cute while riding against the wind. It's just not possible}

{the dahlias we took home}

{me sneaking a third piece of the orange chiffon cake (which I will share with everyone later in the week, because it is too good not to!}

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