The Doggie Mommy Diaries- Yes, I took my dogs trick-or-treating

{the society dog bus}
{trying to distract the dogs and get a decent picture is tough work}

{burger was crazy about trick- or- treating, he took matters into his own paws}
{can I have seconds pretty please?}
{Mabel, the ULTIMATE doggie mommy }
{sweet bella the pug lady bug. She will be appearing in this pug calendar for 2o1o}
{derby trying to stay clear of treacherous traffic}

Oh the joys of being the parents of furry children. Yes, it's true! We're guilty of taking our dogs trick-or-treating. Don't worry, we weren't the only crazies out there. Hundreds of other dog owners also took part in the festivities courtesy of the "Society Dog", an organization that brings Bay Area dog lovers and their canine friends together by sponsoring awesome social events like this one. The dogs had a ball munching on treats and meeting new friends. Seeing the smiles on their little faces was priceless. They deserved it. We'll definitely be back again next year.

If you live in the Bay Area and are interested in learning more about "Society Dog" you can find the info here.


  1. That's cute! I've never heard of taking dogs trick o treating.

    From SITS :D

  2. Nice pictures!! :)
    I wish I had a dog!
    Stopping by from SITS! :)

  3. Stopping by from SITS to say hi! I love your doggy dress up for halloween!! such great pics. I wish they had one of those things for dogs in NYC! Its hard taking care of puppies, we have one and I puppysat my coworkers last night, i'm pooped! :)

  4. Oh, funny! I have a huge black Lab, and I don't think I'd want to try to take her trick-or-treating. =)

    Stopping in from SITS!

  5. That is just too cute! I love the idea of doggie Halloween.

    Thanks for your comment on our French Picnic blog, by the way.
    Have a great SITS day!

  6. Too funny!
    Just stopped by from sits to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

  7. SOOO precious! I love the one at the Pug at the end!

  8. I love it! We have a Westie, so of course I love the westie the best. :) So cute, love your blog, I haven't found you for a while, glad to make it back!

  9. Ahah! It's YOU. You're the reason behind all those "why dogs hate halloween" emails! :D

    A party bus for dogs is a very cute idea. Their buggy costumes are great, and your Betty Draper was perfect. Love the dress.

  10. That is too cute! I can NOT imagine taking my big black Lab Trick or Treating nor my itty-bitty Pom. That would be a nightmare! LOL!

    I wanted to say a great big thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment, but even more importantly, for taking the time to go and sign the petition for Baby Wyatt. I truly appreciate it and I know his mommy does, too! We got 134 signatures added to the petition last week and we are hoping to get lots more today on 'Wednesdays For Wyatt - Week 2'. Thanks again for your support. May you be abundantly blessed for your help.

    I hope the rest of your week is amazing!


    Teresa <><


  11. That is just SUPER cute!!!! I LOVE it!!!

  12. Thank you soo much for posting a reply over at my blog. I'm so proud of you! Yes, leave it all in God's hands. He will look out for you and protect you. He also likes for us to take some time for ourselves to rejuvinate. I wish you the best and I bookmarked your blog. You're comment made me happy. I wish you so much peace and happiness in your life and also to your loved ones.


  13. Your puppies are too cute! Just stopping by from SITS :)

    My personal blog:

    If you are ever interested in a new blog design, I would love to work with you!

  14. Love the doggie photos! Visiting from SITS, hope you're having a great day.

  15. that is ADORABLE. I doubt if taking my cat trick or treating would be a great idea though...

    Visiting you from SITS--have a lovely day!


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