Our Special Guest

D's dad drove all the way from Vancouver, Canada to spend some quality time with us here in the Bay Area. His arrival usually means LOTS of: delicious food, wine, and golf. Among the many reasons why I love him is that he's a bona-fide FOODIE! If you want to know the best places to dine, just ask this man. You name it he's tried it. From the world renowned French Laundry to hole in the wall eateries, he knows what's up.

So as expected, we ate, drank, and laughed all week. We had a blast :)

{At Mustard's Grill. A foodie's must try!}
{My daily cup of joe}

{tableside tasting at Duckhorn Vineyards}

{we played guess what flavors are in the wine. One of the wines claimed to have pie crust in it. umm yeah sure wine people... you forgot to also mention the hint of alligator brain hahah}
{having my Alice and Wonderland moment at Castello di Amorosa}

{our drive back to san francisco for some delicious Ramen}

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing labor day weekend!

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