Scenes from the Outside Lands Music Festival 2009

D & I's day of music euphoria was nothing short of spectacular. Armed with a backpack full of essentials, a change of clothes, and a printout of the entire california public transportation system's schedule, I failed miserably at channeling my inner hippie. Being over prepared makes me so "uncool", but whatever, cuz when the San Francisco chill rolled in later that evening, I, unlike the majority of the half-naked spectators enjoyed the concert sprawled out on my picnic blanket in the comfort of my comfy jeans and hoodie. I fell in love with Jason Mraz's sweet serenade, jammed and danced my booty off to the black eyed peas, and was mesmerized by the sounds of the Dave Matthews Band. My next goal will be to attend Coachella, but I will definitely be back at OSL next year!
{snoozing on the caltrain}
{my preggo pose}
{sf caltrain station}
{we're here! }
{the crowds were beginning to look like thousands of ants}
{cheesin on our blanket}

{jammin to the black eyed peas}

{d gettin his groove on}

{sir dave matthews}

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  1. I <3 Jason Mraz!! I saw him in concert before he became 'mainstream.' What a fun day and good job navigating the public trans system! Yay Missy!


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