Vintage Friday

The bellbottom wearing dude pictured here is none other than the craziest bird of them all, my dad.  This was taken in beautiful Puerto Rico back in the early 1970's.  I think he was a little younger than I am now in this photo (which is really weird now that I think about it).  Speaking of age, in about two weeks I will be entering my quarter life crisis.  Wonder if I should start panicking... 

Nah... that's too much work. I think i'll just sit back and enjoy the ride :)

 Have a great weekend lovelies!


ps. I will be in psychopharmacology class all weekend long, so I would love it if you could please leave me lots of comments so I have something to read/do in class (and not to mention, for the sake of my sanity). Ask me questions, tell me jokes, request recipes, anything will do.  I am easily entertained and I will love you forever! Thanks in advance :)

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  1. Spending a weekend in class sounds like no fun at all. I sent you a link on FB about an indie craft fair going on in the Bay Area right now. Looks like your weekend is taken up by something else. :(

    This is an awesome photo of your Dad! It's missing the pina colada though, wouldn't you say?

    I should send you one of those 100+ question surveys for you to fill out during class. That ought to curb your boredom. Now if only I could find one....


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