The Renegade Craft Fair

{mabel and I at Renegade last year}

The infamous Renegade Craft Fair was in San Francisco this weekend, but I was unfortunately unable to make it because instead, I was in a psychopharmacology induced coma as I endured 2 straight days of class.  It's over now, so all is good, but I'm still really bummed that I missed Renegade.  I went last year and it was great. Wait, not just great. It was fantastic.  Just imagine browsing the etsy website with the ability to physically try everything on for size and getting to actually meet the artists in person.  One of the artists actually crafted an existing necklace to my exact liking because the one that I wanted had already been sold! Talk about great personal service :)  I guess there's always next year.  You can count on me being there bright and early.     

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