Cravings around the kitchen

{first, feast your eyes on these juicy berries I used for my 4th of July cheesecake I ate half of them before I even topped the cake with them}

Now for the fun stuff...

Although I'm a firm believer in always keeping hard copies of favorite and secret family recipes, I can't stop coveting this little gadget.  I saw it in a magazine I was browsing through during my plane ride to Austin, but it was only today after I became fed up of staring at my collection of random recipes scribbled on post-it notes littered all over my kitchen did I decide to check it out.

Meet the Demy:

It has the convenience of a 5x7 recipe card except with a boat load of other helpful features like a spill resistant/easy to clean touch screen, three timers to keep up with complicated recipes, easy uploading capabilities for both mac and pc, and MORE.  Oh how nice this thing would look on my kitchen counter.  The only thing stopping me is its hefty price tag of $299.95.  That means over $300 folks.  The old Missy would have pressed the "buy now" button long before writing this post, but the new Missy will "save up" and wait... I think. 

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  1. that little thing is $300? is there a knock-off version? lol! i've been trying to organize my recipes too but it keeps moving down on my priority list. :)
    i hope i get to see you this summer! we'll probably book our flights next week.
    have a good week!


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