Ya'll come back now... my return to Austin,TX

Here are some overdue pictures of our awesome trip back to Austin.  I fell in love with this city all over again (as I ignored the 106 degree heat wave that conveniently passed through while I was there).  Its "weird", hippy, laid back vibe is totally up my alley, and if living in the bay area doesn't work out, you can be sure to find me back there cruising South Congress on a vespa with a slice of homeslice pizza in my mouth.  I compiled a "must visit" list before I arrived, but there just wasn't enough time to see everything in one weekend (this is my excuse to come and visit it more often lol.)  

Those of you who are contemplating visiting Austin, I am giving you a big shove towards the lone star state.  If you have a couple days and want a quick "Austin City Guide" (aka my favorite places) here it is:

Stay at: 
Kimber Modern-  This place is a gem.  After a night here you will completely swear off regular hotels.  I know I did thanks to Jenny :)

Coolest Neighborhood:
South Congress- here you'll find a street leading up to the capitol building dotted with unique eats, boutiques, antiques, and street vendors galore.  Faves: maya star, uncommon objects, homeslice, and by george.  I think we spent about 90% of our time on this street.

If you want to get your drink on:
6th street.  This place is littered with bars to fit your every drinking need.  Come thirsty my friends.  If you're not into wandering from bar to bar, you may want to head back to 5th street, which caters to more of the grown up crowd.  My old favorite in college was the Saba lounge~ best mojitos everrrr.

Mount Bonnell:
Best breath taking views of Austin's rolling hills and river.  Several celebrities live in this area, so you might be able catch a glimpse.

Guadalupe aka the drag:
Here you will find wandering college students and intentional homeless people (don't ask), but I still love this street. It has great murals for picture taking and still has one of my favorite cheap eats: Coco's cafe- my love affair with their green onion pancake never ends.

Austin is the birthplace of Whole foods.  Go visit their massive location on Burnet.  Their food selection is incredible!

other places:
Mozart's (coffee, dessert)
Chez Zee- one of the best brunch spots ever
2nd street- a new, hip area filled with shops and restaurants.  Check out finch. They have the most amazing pottery!

okay... this list hasn't even put a dent in the awesomeness that austin is.  If you want more suggestions, just ask me.  I'm happy to help!


{derek on the drag with Bevo, UT's school mascot.  This boy has major pride for his alma matter}
{me and my huge fuji instax (my alternative to a polaroid)}
{here is jenny showing us just how delicious homeslice is}
{kimber modern's kitchen.  love love loved everything about it}
{d and I at his best friend's wedding}
{our visit to the farmer's market}
{historic austin motel. obsessed with phallic objects much?}
{Jo's coffee. where all the cool austinites hang}
{crepe trailer}
{derek's favorite place- pluckers}
{cutest antiques- I found a beautiful vintage brooch here with my moms name}
{i love cupcakes, but i'm sad to say that I was not impressed by theirs. Props for your cute trailer though!}
{my fave brunch spot: chez zee}

{pictures from my instant camera coming as soon as I garner up the motivation to scan them}

We just planned a new adventure destination for our anniversary today and I'm so excited!!!

This is probably one of my favorite summers yet. 

Hope everyone is having a great week :)


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