Austin,Texas here I come

Tomorrow, D and I will be jetting off to our old stomping grounds in Austin, TX for a summer adventure/wedding.  I would have to say that the time I spent in Waco and Austin were the best days of my life... oh what I would give to be in college again!  A little bird told me how much Austin has evolved since we were last there, and I am more than ecstatic to do some exploring this weekend.  Here are some of the spots on my hit list:

The kimber modern- my bff jen will be meeting us in Austin, and she booked us a room in this modern take on a traditional bed and breakfast
Mozarts- Jen and I's old  favorite place to grab coffee and have a good chat

Jo's coffee house- hot coffee spot in the up and coming SoCo neighborhood
6th Street- um... yeah... too many fuzzy memories here.
hey cupcake! - my love for cupcakes will compel me to make a stop here.

I'm so giddy, I can't wait! Pictures to come when I get back :)

Have a fantabulous weekend lovlies !

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