Wedding planning has been pretty fun so far. I won't lie though, there have been some major tears shed and we're only three months in... OH BOY.  I was never the girl who planned or even thought about her wedding so essentially I'm starting from scratch, but thanks to Pinterest and countless other wedding blogs I've quickly discovered that the inner bridezilla is in there somewhere.  It's hard and absolutely overwhelming to envision and perfectly execute what in my mind will be the best day ever.

I love exploring all the different wedding sites for ideas but after a while it's easy to get cross-eyed from too much visual stimulus.  After a few months of research I've decided that my vision goes something like this... the dress: lace with a modern vintage feel, ceremony: whimsical & romantic accompanied by music that will bring a tear to the driest eye, and finally the reception: an elegant, romantic backyard dinner party with lots of personal touches and tons of dancing... well that's at least what I told my wedding planner.  I dream big folks.  Hopefully by starting the planning process well in advance I can tame the beast and become more of a "bridechilla".  Oh and you may be wondering where is Derek in all of this? He gladly let go of the reins and told me to do whatever makes me happy :D that is why I am marrying this dude.  He already understands the motto "happy wife, happy life" oh and not to forget I'm marrying him because of this too.  I'll share more of my wedding inspiration once I get it down to a more digestible form (it's way too crazy and disorganized right now). Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. I'm the exact same way. Planning my wedding for June 2013 (it will be in France)...and at first, I was VERY relaxed, very laissez faire....until I started looking at Pinterest and wedding blogs and magazines and became overwhelmed with the amount of options and the necessary planning...so once we book the venue and photographer, I'm going to take a step back and relax for a few months!

  2. Belated congratulations for your engagement! That's SO exciting and honestly, your vision for your wedding sounds so romantic and beautiful. There's so many whimsical and fun DIY things you can do with a backyard dinner party that will really make it 'you' ... hope you have a great, and relaxing, weekend! :)

  3. How exciting! The wedding dress I have in mind is lace with a vintage modern feel to it too. when are you getting married? My wedding is in October. I think my inner bridezilla keeps sneaking up on me. This is my first week into wedding planning and already I wanna strangle when of the event coordinators who just can't seem to get anything right. Booohooo. I hate this feeling and I just want this to be as stress free as possible.


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