Things Kids Say

I work with kids everyday all day long.  They are life's little comedians. I've only been at my new jobs for two weeks but have already heard some crazy stuff.  These are the highlights from this week:

During a classroom observation:

Boy: " I went to Chuck-E-Cheese yesterday and won 274 tickets! I love Chuck-E-Cheese!" (looks at girl) Did you go to Chuck-E-Cheese?"
Girl: " Um nooo, I don't like that place.  You know that rat? I don't trust him."

haha I can't argue with that.

After eating a bag of mustard/onion flavored pretzels:

Ani: "Melissa?" (forehead pressed against mine-big blue eyes staring at me )
Me: "yeah?"
Ani: "Your breath smells like tacos."
Me: " Thanks." 

called out by a 4 year old! Me so embarrassed.

Will post more next week.

(pictures above are from earlier this week with my little Ani. Burger and Derby were so intrigued by this little person and couldn't stop kissing her.  In return she drew their portrait which is now hanging above my desk at home. So Precious.)



  1. Ani.....is she armenian?? I ask because I'm armenian and that is my little sister's name (she also says the funniest things), and also a typical armenian name :)

  2. is that derby humping burger? she has it right!


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