Pardon the interruption

Just when I thought that my bad blogging habits couldn't get any worse... they do .  I was caught in the midst of the most painful job search known to man and spent countless hours trolling craigslist and begging for interviews.   It felt so depressing and disheartening to apply to a gazillion jobs and check my email 12394870987 times a day to find NOTHING.  Geez man, I spent almost my whole life getting an education and this is what happens?  Fast forward a month and a half of crying, praying, and thoughts crossing my mind of moving back into my dad's house (my last resort) and finally I'm sooo over it.  I completely stop searching and begin to accept my fate as a homeless bag lady with lots of shoes and two dogs in my shopping cart.  The next day I get three interviews. Then the week after I get not one, not two, but four job offers! How is this possible?!??!?  Happy tears of relief rolled down my cheeks as I heard the happy news.  I feel so grateful and blessed to have this experience is behind me (for now), and let me tell you- I've never felt so happy to work close to 12 hour days and come home dead tired.  To those of you going though the job search process because of our crappy economy, I'm sending you lots of positive thoughts and luck your way.  You can do it!  

Oh btw, the pictures above are from the San Francisco Gocar tour we took last weekend.  Lots of happy things to celebrate  =)   I highly recommend it (even for locals).  They also run tours in Miami, San Diego, and even Madrid.  You will like, promise! 


  1. i've been praying for you and i'm sooooo happy to read this happy post. : )
    things always work out l but being patient is the toughest part. thanks again for tonight ! i will be eating rice and cake for days. haha! love you!!

  2. Congratulations, so happy to hear you found a job....it really IS hard in today's economy....but all your hard work payed off! Enjoy the weekend and celebrate :)

  3. love the pics Mel, especially the one where the pelican becomes Derek hahahah :)

  4. So glad to hear that the job search is finished and that all is well! :)


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