Vacation from a Vacation

Week 3 of mission Getbettersoon is approaching and my unintentional vacation is becoming well, kinda boring. As much as I love the boob tube, I quickly discovered that you can only watch so much reality t.v. before you officially fry every intelligent brain cell left in your head. The only thing I really enjoy about being confined to the house is having my dogs snuggled next to me all day long. These furry love muffins are the best medicine I could ever ask for.

Tomorrow I get a nice break from all the resting and am heading Austin, Texas, one of my favorite cities ever where I spent a good part of my college hay days running around till the wee hours of the night painting the town red. I'm stoked to be able to show my friends around one of the greatest cities ever. After all my bragging, I hope I don't let them down. Lots of picture sharing to come. Have a good weekend ya'll.


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