Remembering Mom

Today I want to take a moment to remember my Mom and what an amazing person she was. It's been three years since she passed, and I find myself missing her more everyday. Although my heart is heavy today, I take heart in knowing that she is always with me.

Mom, if you're listening thank you for all that you did. I miss everything about you- your big heart, contagious laugh, delicious cooking, and most of all the way you could genuinely make everyone you encountered feel special and let them know that they mattered. You were definitely one of a kind. Everything I am and all that I have achieved is because of you. I love, miss, and think about you everyday.

Your Daughter,


  1. A very sweet tribute to your mom. Thanks for this post!

  2. I'm sure your Mom is so proud to call you her daughter as well. You have a big heart too, Missy, just like her. :) Love you!

  3. Time does pass quickly, doesn't it? It's been almost 11 years since my Mom passed, and I still remember some things like it was yesterday. Keep those memories close to your heart.


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