Good Morning

my favorite furry alarm clocks
best part of waking up: fresh espresso
breakfast of champions

I took the morning off today and skipped out on my weekly Wednesday meeting. This week hasn't been the easiest time for me, so attending a meeting that usually bore me to tears didn't exactly seem like something that would do me any good. I forgot how nice it feels to wake up at a decent hour and actually take time to enjoy breakfast instead of scarfing it down as I bolt out the front door. The best part about today was waking up to Burger and Derby's kisses instead of an evil blaring alarm clock. They always know how to put a smile on my face. This is the first time in a long time that I can say "good morning!" and actually mean it. It feels soooo damnnn gooooddd.

ps. Thank you all for sending your kind thoughts about my mom. It really helped me get through the toughest day of the year.


  1. wow, wakeup with lickings from those two seems relly funny, hahaha

  2. hi. i love your babies. they are soo cute! :) may i know their breeds?♥

  3. Thanks for sharing a pristine "day in" with us. Coffee and fruit, and spending time with the cuties. I really cherish those days when you wake up and decide to let the world turn without you while you sleep in, or sip your coffee slowly. Hope all is well.


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