Halloween Style Ideas- Audrey and Betty

Classic Audrey Hepburn- Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's

The lovely Betty Draper
click here for my mad men tutorial

The months have flown by, and Halloween has totally crept up on me! I've been consumed with mourning the end of summer, and that probably explains why all the halloween fare surrounding me has gone unnoticed. A combination of poor planning and an attempt to save money have left me no choice but to forego the whole experience this year (except for taking Burger and Derby to a "Howloween" pawrty with the lovely Cinnamon of course haha).

Even though I won't be celebrating, I wanted to share my costumes from the past couple of years with you in case you're looking for some ideas. I constructed these costumes from things right out of my own closet and borrowed accessories from my friends. I am a believer in buying things that you can use again, as opposed to buying a packaged costume that you only use for a few hours and then find it years later behind the washing machine collecting dust and cobwebs. You can find my tutorials for both Audrey and Betty's costumes here and here.
Hope it helps =)

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  1. Beautiful replications! I like Audrey better.

  2. WOW! That Audrey Hepurn costume was so put together!!! LOVE IT! Spinning image! <333

  3. WOW. If I didn't look more like Bert Cooper than Betty Draper I would totally try to pull that look off.

    Thanks so much for stopping by LifeIsASpectrum.com. So very glad I found your blog ... I'll be back, because I could use more style tutorials :-)


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