Va Va Vegas!!

{Sonic strawberry slushies... YUMM}
{the vegas strip}

{Dinner & Drinks @ the Rum Jungle- mandi & I dreamed of going here when we were 16 lol}
{my loves and I @ dinner}
{fairy tale like forest at the Wynn}

{my favorite place to party: XS @ the beautiful Wynn hotel}

{Mabel and Bobby- crazy cats ;) }
{Dancing the night away- yes, we're dancing in water. that was the best part!}
{ it was fun getting the VIP treatment thanks to Martha's good friend, the DJ }
{sister love}
{and more dancing...}
{my pretty ladies}
{coming home @ 6am. the sun was already up. haha}
{the next day we managed to wake up and go to a hilarious sexy male dancer show. I almost had a heart attack from laughing so much}
{the gorgeous garden setup at the Bellagio}
{exhausted but still smiling}

Vegas was LEGENDARY. My friends and I had an amazing time. We pretty much danced the night away and partied until the sun came up. Our pre-graduation celebration was successful, and I'm glad we were able to commemorate all our hard work. Until next time Vegas!


  1. wow this is a super interesting post! love your pics!

    stopping by from SITS.

    psst. don't forget to enter the Pink Lady Giveaway contest on my blog http://onestylemile.blogspot.com/


  2. Love the pictures - you seemed to have lots of fun!!!

    stopping by from SITS

  3. wow this does look like a blast! i've always wanted to do a girls trip with tonnes of dancing, etc. glad to see you had a great time!
    ps. found you from sits too

  4. looks like you had an amazing time with your friends!! i love the first and second picture and how you made it look kind of like a vintage snapshot from a film camera!!

  5. Wow! Looks like you had a blast! Love the pics!

  6. Wow looks like you had loads of fun and all your pictures make me reallly want to go to Vegas...my boyfriend went earlier this year and said it was amazing!!!

  7. Nice pics! Looks like you had a blast! I'm going there with all my besties in a couple of weeks. Can't wait! We're planning to go to XS too!

  8. Great pics! Looks like such a good time!

  9. This makes me SO excited for my trip to Vegas in June. We're definitely going to hit up XS! If you have any other recs, send them over. :)

  10. What a fabulous Vegas recap... you sure did have a great time. xoxo


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