Weekend in the City

I'm counting down the hours until I get off work tomorrow and head to the city with my best friend Jenny who's visiting all the way from Texas. We're spending the entire weekend prancing around San Francisco enjoying the best of what the city has to offer. Shopping, good food, and beautiful sights here we come! There's not doubt that I'm going to fall in love with the city all over again... Every time I go there, I never want to leave!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend =)


  1. I love SF... I want to live there. Have fun this weekend. xoxo

  2. I love SF too! Enjoy and take lots of pics!

  3. Have a fantastic time! I still haven't been to San Fran yet, but I really can't wait to get up there. These photos make me want to get in my car and drive the 8 hours right now.


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