Stuffed and Happy

{the santiago ladies}

There's nothing like good food and family =) I'm sad the holiday weekend has come to an end, but I'm super excited to go home to my three sweet boys. The past few days have been eventful, and I have a mountain of pictures to share. Too bad I have a presentation looming over my head, but once I get it out of the way, I promise to post away! Wish me luck ;)



  1. great to see you enjoyed your holidays. cheers to many more happy holidays. take care. =)

  2. mel!
    that looks so fun!!! ^_^ nice background too! tell us about your thanksgiving!!! i can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. Wow! There are a lot of girls in your family! And they are all so cute!

  4. hey Missy, I hope you read this because you dont read your messages anymore :( arghhhhhh...heh heh jk. I never said thanks for the award you gave me, you are very sweet and thanks again! (ps. I love that pic, you are affortunate to have such wonderful and big family! miss youuuu)

  5. Hi,how are you?
    I have an award for you, please claim it on my
    sweet style blog.Thanks.^^

  6. Santiago ladies sure are beautiful.

    great smile!

  7. Hi again Melissa! Are you a Filipina? Can't help but notice the Asian features and your surname.


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