Chicken soup for the sniffles

{lotsa veggies}
{simmer the rotisserie chicken along with the broth and veggies for a more robust flavor}
{and enjoy! slurping is allowed =) }

Poor d has been fighting the sick bug today. In addition to drugging him with medication and forcing him to chug countless glasses of water, I thought he could benefit from the oldest remedy in the book: homemade organic chicken noodle soup. If all else fails, it ought to do the trick. I used this recipe with my own modifications and it was perfect. Just like grandma's.


  1. Popping in from SITS! Welcome!

    I was on that routine last week. I like hot & spicy soup when I'm feeling ill. It helps when I'm congested and I actually feel better after drinking it.

  2. Napa is by far one of my favorite places on the planet! I miss it so much! Thanks for stopping by! Do let me know how the cake turns out!

  3. I am going to bring mine to work for lunch tomorrow. Thanks so much, I am sure it is yummy!


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