summer lovin'

The past two weeks have been a small but sweet taste of the good life.  We did everything from doggy dates to exploring Napa's beautiful landscape, and not to mention a fabulous birthday celebration to top it all off! Life is grand =) 

Fun in Fort Funston

The great Napa Adventure-

{making friends with the lambs at castello di amorosa}
{eating complimentary dessert for my bday at Mustard's grill}

25th Birthday Bash- (I will be turning 25 every year from now on btw.)

{the awesome cake mabel crafted just for me! thank you mabel! it was delicious }
{the baker and cake decorater }
{the boyfriends/husbands, wait... where's greg?}

{found him with all the pretty ladies!}

{my two favorite people}

{sister love}
{me with my chica kjersti! she gave me the cutest recipe book so I don't have to clog my cabinets with post-its!}

I can't stress just how much I love this time of the year... I'm holding on tight and never letting go!


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