Birthday Surprise

{the cool set-up at Strait's outdoor patio in Santana Row}

{Derek the Birthday King, and I}
{the birthday boy and his massive cake}

{Us with martha and julian}
{fellow party planners chris and erica}
{louis (who was the champion cake eater) and the fabulous mimi}
D's birthday is just 6 days after mine, (which makes me older and wiser)... haha, but anyways, he never makes a big deal about his birthday, so this year, I decided to throw him a super secret special surprise birthday party.  Although it was so hard keeping the secret from him, I was able to utilize my best acting skills to keep from spilling the beans.  With the help of some awesome friends, the party came off without a hitch.  To top it off, I baked a four layer orange and chocolate cake covered with dark chocolate dipped strawberries.  The whole time, Derek thought I was baking it for a baby shower.  We all had a blast, as we welcomed D into his quarter life crisis!

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