summer is here!

I am definitely ready for some summer lovin this year!  I'm more than determined to make my last "real" summer both a memorable and productive one.  I've been keeping a mental "to-do list all year, and now I can finally attempt to conquer it one thing at a time 

1.  organize my house. (learn to let go of things I don't need or use). 
2. set up the patio for summer dinners, and so the dogs can have a place to sunbathe and lounge 
3. spend quality time with derek.  this summer is the perfect time to go on more adventures and make memories
4.  frame all my pictures
5.  take a photography class so I can learn how to properly use my SLR instead of always keeping it in auto mode (which was not the point of buying a professional camera)
6.  take a professional cooking/baking class
7. sky-dive on my 25th birthday
8. have lunch and hangout with my girlfriends at least once a week
9. take the dogs to the dog park more often
10. bake and cook something new every week
11. take more bike rides with Derek
12. eat healthi(er) and work on becoming fit instead of skinny-fat
13. put my recipes in one place instead of using post-its
14. explore san francisco- find new yummy eats and shopping spots
15. and finally, I really would love to blog more regularly like I used to in college. I made a lot of friends from all over the globe back then, and I hope I can do the same through this blog :) 

anyways, here's a glimpse of what I've been up to:

{vegas, picnic at golden gate park, and our fabulous grown-up sleep over complete with wine, cheese, and a chick-flick~ all the pictures are out of order cuz I'm too lazy to fix it hah)

can't wait to start chipping away at the list !!!


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