Not enough time in the day

I think we should all petition for a 3- day weekend.  Two days are simply not enough to catch up with all the stuff you've been putting off all week long.  Why is it that during the work week, the days seem five times as long, then right when the weekend hits, the Earth decides to spin twice as fast? It just doesn't seem right.  Back to my petition... a three day weekend (at least), because first you need Saturday to sleep in, and recover from Friday night's festivities or a long work/school week, then Sunday can be used for all the fun you've been missing, come Monday you can start preparing for the rest of the week. Hmm... I'm going to have to speak to Mr. Obama about this special request. He's my homie, so I hope he'll be okay with it :) 

So because there is no such thing as an extended weekend, I was rather pleased with myself for being quite the busy bee.  Completed my homework, did some yoga, made a mean brunch, shopped for groceries, worked out, spent time with D and the dogs. The perfect semi-relaxing (because of the homework factor) weekend that was very much needed indeed. 

Here's to a great week to come!

Sunday morning brunch of champions:
French toast, eggs, and chicken sausage
Burger keeping me company while I study

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