Back to Earth

This weekend was chock- full of fun and excitement.  We celebrated our dear friend, Marco's birthday at a delicious Brazilian steakhouse, then I headed over to SoCal to visit my sister and attend my niece's beautiful wedding.  Now my grandma of a body is trying to recover and catch up with all the work I conveniently put in the back of my mind while I was having fun :) 

The cuties Kjersti and Greg
Derek and I being immature as usual

Probably the funniest picture of the night.

Below: Mabel and the birthday boy

Amanda, me, and Mandi at a Japanese Lounge.
our classic sister picture
Alli looking stunning moments before saying "i do"
Kat, myself, and Mandi
I couldn't resist adding this last picture.
This morning I finally gave my little stinkys
a much needed bath.  Now they are fully, white, puffballs of love :)

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  1. melissa you are TOOOO kind and TOOOO sweet! your kind words are so encouraging, thank you! you and your dog are far tooo cute. I'll be sure to keep blogging and sharing things that bring me inspiration and joy ... in turn bringing you some as well. THanks for making my day! Have a wonderful week and happy blogging to yoU!


    {Rini & Faith}


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