Weekend in Review

Brunch @ the ahhhmazing BLD in West Hollywood

coffee perfectly executed with a french press
goat cheese and wild mushroom fritatta
the best pancake I have ever tasted
on our way to Boulevard 3 for Mandi's Birthday Festivities

The girlies

Celebrating V.I.P style

Had a fantastic weekend celebrating Mandi's 24th in style. I think the older we get, the more we love and appreciate each other. I remember when we were both in high school and did not want anything to do with the other. Now, we're inseparable, and it's been that way for almost ten years. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Unfortunately the weekend came to an end and now I'm nursing a horrible stomach bug, but hopefully it will go away soon so I can get back to normal. Have a lovely day everyone!

i'll announce the giveaway winner tomorrow =)


  1. What a lovely weekend!!! You and your friends are beautiful!

  2. "stomach bug" yeah riiiight.... after a weekend like that? I think not.

  3. oh melly you're so fancy :}

    that coffee looks so good at the moment and the pictures of you hanging out with your peeps are so awesome too {:


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