2010 San Francisco Mermaid Race Recap

Running loves
My trusty kicks- Nike Lunar Glides

Half way through the run- already red in the face!

Kjersti Smokin the competition
cheering mabel on to the finish line
moral support @ the last lap
YAY Karla!
treated ourselves to a yummy brunch @ St. Michael's Alley
I spy the cutes furry baby ever

This Sunday, my lovely friends and I took part in the annual San Francisco Mermaid 10k Race. We couldn't have asked for more beautiful running conditions that day. Clear skies, gentle sunshine, and the cool bay breeze soothed all the natural discomforts of long distance running. The breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge made it perfect. I finished in 65th place overall and 14th in my age division at 1:02:53. It was hands down one of my favorite runs ever, and I can't wait to do more.

If you guys have any suggestions for a good Half Marathon please let me know!


  1. come to vancouver for our 10k run! hehe! :D i am planning to join this year for the first time!

  2. this is so exciting! are you going to join a marathon after? like the la marathon? that is so instence !

    anwyay, congratulations ! you have so much will power and your pictures make it look like it was so easy for you :] you go girl!


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