Run Run Run

Happy Friday! I'm stoked that the work week is finally over! Tonight, me and a bunch of my friends are running the Annual Palo Alto Moonlight Run for charity. It's my first race ever so I feel stoked but nervous and scared at the same time that I might end up as runners' roadkill.

I took some time last night to make a little last minute Race playlist which is comprised of songs from my college hay-days in the Durrty South. There's nothing like running to the beats of Snoop Dogg and The Ying Yang Twins to get your heart pumping and kick-start your adrenaline.

Wish me luck!

Check out my running interview on my lovely friend Kjersti's blog. She's my running idol and graciously shares a wealth of running tips and wisdom from her many years of training, so go check it out!


  1. You were amazing! Hope our running adventures continue and that soon we are running a half marathon together. xo


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