The Filipino Celebrity Experience

{ Manila Day Concert: Arnel Pineda, Current Lead singer of legendary 80's Rock Band Journey}

{ somehow we only got a picture of his beard and my insanely large face lol}

{The MTRCB Film Awards}
{With Alfred Vargas, Actor & newly elected Councilor of Quezon city}

{Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez}
{ Attending a taping of "Talentadong Pinoy" (Talented Filipinos)}

Thanks to my Aunt who is on the board of the Philippine Film Committee, we were lucky to be able to take part in different facets of the Philippine entertainment industry during our visit. I have always adored Filipino showbiz ( I can watch hours and hours of The Filipino Channel if left unmonitored), so the experience was especially fun for me. You can even catch us on the July 4th episode of "Talentadong Pinoy" =)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Watch out for my giveaway next week!


  1. Wow, this I have still got to experience... great that you were able to see those shows. And you look like a celebrity yourself.

    PS... I bought my shades from Mango. xoxo

  2. wow you went to the Philippines!
    how was your stay there so far!
    heheeh...are you a Filipino as well Ms. Melissa? if you dont mind me asking. :]

    Love the pics btw. ;]

  3. 要拼才會贏,生活就像戰爭…什麼時候才有和平啊…>"<..................................................................

  4. woooooo! look at you ms celebrity! haha! i love the pic of you and arnel's beard ;P i'm the same... i could watch filipino tv all day. The funny thing is, i think their shows are the corniest ever but i can't help but be hooked.

  5. very cool! arnel pineda has a gorgeous smile (uh oh, i might be crushing on him!), as do you of course!


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