Class Ring Revamped

{ My college graduation 2006, Baylor University}

{Old school Bling }
{pretty, practical, and yellow- my favorite color!}

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I finally ordered my graduation invitations today! It felt pretty surreal, and almost strange. I still have a couple weeks till it actually comes into full fruition, so I think I'll just sit back and enjoy my last few moments as a student. Anyways, inside the invitation order form, there was another brochure for graduate class rings. I took a quick glance and everything was hideous. Chunky, brassy looking things straight out of an 80's year book. YUCK. (okay, I admit I own one from high school that I recently found collecting dust at the bottom of my vanity drawer in my dad's house). There has got to be something better than sporting outdated brass knuckles!

To the rescue comes David Yurman. His petite diamond and citrine sterling-silver band ring is the perfect piece of hardware to commemorate a girl's hard work and commitment to feeding her brain excess knowledge over the past twenty something years. Twill look nice on one of my little fingers ;)


  1. Oh, that's fabulous. I love not so traditional class rings. :) Yellow is just darling.

  2. Oh how purdy! Love it! Congrats by the way!

  3. LOL! I love this post and that ring is beautiful! I never even bothered to flip through those class ring catalogs b/c of all that nasty brass.

  4. dudeeee! I want a ring too, but not those ugly ones :)....i love the yellow one, and the price is lovely too ;)


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