Is it too late for Spring Cleaning?

Remember when I was making a bunch of hoopla over Spring cleaning? Well... I think it all flew out the window when my thesis took over my life. I wouldn't dare post any pictures of its aftermath, but I did find a a couple pictures of the armoire I snatched up on clearance from Ikea for $14.99. During my Spring cleaning itch, I organized my closet and decided to use this thing to hold the clothes I wanted to wear for the week. It came bare, so I bought some fabric and used my handy little sewing machine to make some curtains to spruce it up. Don't laugh at my brick of a T.V. I've had it since college and now it's an antique ;)


  1. It's never too late for Spring Cleaning! What an awesome score at ikea! I have always wanted a a special space just to hang up my picked-out-outfits. I love yours! Going to dream up mine now.... :)

  2. Haha, I was going to write exactly what Michelle wrote - never too late :) I love your little DIY project and it's a neat way to prepare yourself for the week ahead with all the clothes you want to wear. Me likies! Hope you've having a great week so far :)

  3. Oooh I love DIY and this fabric is soooo pretty I love it :) And I have a TV just like that by the way :)

    Laura x


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