Sounds of the City

{Gamine, so casual and charming. Made me feel like I was in Europe}

{dinner! these two nice guys gave up their table just so us pretty ladies could sit together ;) }
{the lovely kj}
{cheesin hard}

{ I heart them }
{ me 10 minutes prior to my fainting spell}
{the hot toddies, whom I met in the bathroom and nonchalantly told the drummer to use a teasing comb instead of a heinous bumpit without knowing who they were until I saw them up on stage. I guess I am not a bumpit fan }
{ the lovely and enchanting Zee Avi}

{Kara's cupcakes knows that concert goers get extra hungry after standing for 4 hours}

Remember the Zee Avi concert I kept talking about last week? It feels like it happened a million years ago, but I'm still smiling about it. We had an amazing time treating ourselves to some well deserved dining, drinks, and music. Our adventure began with dinner at the charming french bistro Gamine (which I can't wait to frequent when I move to the city) followed by the musical stylings of several indie bands and of course the headliner Zee Avi. During the show I got really lightheaded and almost passed out, but luckily recovered and was able to party on. I think God knew I really needed this night and let me get on with the show hehe. Anyways, Zee's performance was brilliant, she is even better in person than on my speakers in my living room. One of the best parts of the night was when we walked out of the venue to find a Kara's Cupcake Truck waiting in front with freshly made cupcakes calling our name. I couldn't resist and bought 2, one of which was fleur de sel and now I'm officially obsessed. I'm counting down to another adventure in the city, which I hope will happen soon! Well here are the pictures I promised ages ago. Enjoy !


  1. Who would not have given up their seats for you lovely ladies? You are all gorgeous. Looks like a fun night. Have to visit that place next time I'm there. xoxo

  2. love the outfit Miss. Melissa :]


  3. oooo how fun! and you look fabulous, by the way! i love kara's cupcakes!! they have one in palo alto and its my go-to sweet treat place!

  4. Sounds like an awesome evening! Love fleur de sel in anything! I actually have a great recipe for chocolate shortbread cookies with fleur de sel!

  5. mmmm! i had the fleur de sel when i went to kara's at santana row. i don't even like caramel and i loooved this one!


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